Sunday Scarpetta

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Growing up Italian in England, my family swapped the traditional Sunday roast dinner for a big pot of meaty sauce and pasta.

To share my traditions with others, I created a set of custom tableware celebrating traditional Italian mealtime rituals, focussing on the ritual of ‘fare la scarpetta’ (a piece of bread is used to mop up left over sauce at the end of the meal).

The plate has a space for the essential bread and diretions to remind the diner to mop up their sauce. The sugo jug - an Italian take on the gravy jug - holds the extra sauce for dipping or mopping up. 

The tablecloth has place settings, directions and tips on on how to replicate a proper Italian meal. It features historical context, my family sugo recipe and anecdotes - outcomes of a forum I held on the ‘Growing Up Italian in the UK’ Facebook group - for eaters to read and share with eachother around the table.

︎︎︎ Answers in response to the question: What makes your dinner table Italian?

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